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Please note that our services are not sexual

During your massage, the tension in your muscles, especially in areas like neck, shoulders and back is released. This natural relaxation helps to: Improve blood circulation, lower your blood pressure, relieve tension headaches and boost your immune system.

About Us

One of the biggest challenges of using massage is to encourage clients to have faith in someone who will deliver the best service LavendersTouch.co.uk can offer including lavender’s massage oil and lavender’s candles. We are more than massage therapists, we are good listeners and someone you can trust. It’s ok not to be ok! We are here to help to replace the stress with a smile and leaving you refreshed and revived. Book your session now with a 10% discount on your first massage therapy and spoil your self there where you are. We are coming to you!

Our Services

06:00 – 00:00

60min – £60
90min – £80
120min – £110

00:00 – 06:00

60min – £120
90min – £170
120min – £200

Monthly Packages

240min – £180
480min – £350

Make A Booking

For any selected package, a deposit of 30% of the total amount is retained (via PayPal), and the rest will be paid at the end of the massage session.

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